The Middle East christistians

There is an ongoing tragedy in the Middle East. All the fighting and havoc that we as the western civilisations and eastern civilization have initiated and is a part of, is really hurting the Christian minorities.

I believe the Copts are in a much better situation now than before Morsi, and this is because the Christians have allied themselves with the democratic faction of Egypt. That is all good and well.

But there are numerous other Christians in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Jordan that are still very much in harms way.

I believe, that we should be realistic about the endeavors we do. Do they lead to only progress for ourselves, or do they also leave room for minorities to thrive in a difficult world?

The Christians are obviously having trouble, and I truly believe, that we should not abandon them to their own fate, without helping them. It is simply our basic duty to help a helpless congregation of weak people in trouble.

Therefor I really urge all the world powers to provide safe havens for the Christians, food, shelter and a physical way out.

These people are good people. They never wanted harm to anyone, and they are paying the price for our actions in The Middle East, so we need to shelter them. It is our obligation.

G-d bless the freedom we can give to some who are trapped in a desperate situation.

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