The European Union is slowly disintegration these days. It is basically a pressure that is formed in the peoples of Europe. Unlike the forming of The United States of America, the time and the trends, are just not working for the crafters of a Europeans Union.

When the United States were made, we were in a burgeoning time, the European values were all over, and it had a momentum of its own. Today it is the other way around, we are fighting for our own survival, and there is no room for experiment and new ideas.

Sad as it is, this is the reality.

From the beginning, I have warned against the European Union, because it seemed to me to be a project that simply did not have any chance of survival. I believe, that right now, we do not have the luxury of experiment, we need to fight all the cancer and corruption spreading in our societies. The democratic banner is not strengthened by the Union, but on contrary, weakened, due to the problems of organization.

We need to work with what we know is already functioning, and that is the democratic Nations that are well established.

In fact it is a pity, because I hold exactly the same values as the founders if the Union, but I simply believe, that we have to be realistic. We are fighting with our backs against the wall. And we do not have the resources to built something new, we need to work with what we know works.

G-d bless the light that is still out there, fighting to survive.

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