Athens, Rome and today

October 20th, 2009

juliusThe current threat of Islam is much more dangerous than we think. Two different trends are at work at once. Firstly the threat of Islam itself, a very cunning enemy. But it coincides with another megatrend that is yet to be even realized. We have seen it twice in the history of western civilization. Firstly at the fall of Athens and secondly at transversion of Rome from a republic to an empire.

The principle behind the change lies as a weakness within democracy. Too much freedom, if not balanced with responsibility, leads to moral corruption. The process is described very well in the platonic dialogue “The state”, and it is quite clear that we as a civilization is on that very last stage of democratic decadence. Nobody respects the teachers, the respect for law is lessened, there is no distinction between citizen and non citizen, all are annoying, as Plato says, even the animals are annoying.

Before the fall of the Roman Republic it must have been the same. Julius Caesar fought his way into Rome and changed the constitution because of the moral corruption and decadence of the Roman Republic. His heir Augustus was the sponsor of  the poet Virgil who tried to build a new roman ethics.

Now Athens fought a prolonged war firstly with the persians, then with Sparta, and after all the wars, and the corruption, she finally fell to the Macedonian king Philip, and ended up in a pan hellenic empire brought to the Mediterranean, and beyond, by Alexander the great. Not such a bad development after all. It did not mean an end to western civilisation. When the Roman Republic fell, no external contestors were there to make any difference. The mighty armies of Rome were extremely professional, and were not corrupted. So Julius Caesar could make the new empire without any disturbance from outside.

Now let us have a look at today. The liberal and hence corrupt party of today is extremely strong. They are in charge of most of academia, the media and hordes of artists. The corruption of the ruling elite is therefor almost complete. Only small pockets of resistance within media, art and academic life is left to make any difference and protect the state. And we are in a much better state here in Denmark, compared to the other scandinavian countries, England and the Netherlands. The corrupt liberal elite are in many cases collaborating with the most extreme islamic preachers and professional jihadi warriors.

So to be the Julius Caesar of today you have to fight a conlgomerate of traitors and hardcore islamic figthers whom hold sway over vast ressources, who control most of society. This is, compared to Athens and Rome a much worse situation.

And the effect of the islamic takeover of the western world will be devasting for not only the west, but the entire earth. Just imagine what will happen if the jihadis control all the atomic warheads of France and Great Britain. They will use them. So it is basically a fight with the back against the wall, against a treacherous foe, who will kill you if he can. He has already tried to kill me twice.

These are the odds we are up against. Let us just hope that our wits are keen enough, are arms are strong enough, and our hearts are true to the essence of our beautiful civilization.

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