Love jihad

The cynisism and the ethical nature of the current cultural elite is so depressing. The new strategy of the jihadis is conversion by love. The young muslim boys try to find young danish girls and lure them into Islam. This is just a rumour, but the trend is quite clear. I have a friend who were targeted, and I see a clear rise in couples of muslim boys and danish girls in my neigbourhood. Its not a scientific proof, but the trend is there.

Now, who are the targets of the love dawa of the muslim boys? It is the daughters of the liberal establishment. All the socialists, the “kulturradikale”, might very well end up with a daughter who is converted by a hardcore muslim. So far its all hunky dory, multicultural bliss. But what happens when the daughter is forced to wear a hijab? Is it then hunky dory? Probably not.

Mr. Lars Hedegaard, the chairman of free speech society, had an interesting conversation with the leading academic person within the field of muslim history; Mr. Bernard Lewis. Hedegaard asked Lewis whether the west or the muslims will win the war. Lewis answered that to win the war, we have to realise that there is a war.

This is exactly the problem with the love jihad. It is there right in front of our eyes, the daughters of the journalists are targets, but still, the war is not acknowledged. We are forced to do nothing, and the whistleblowers are silenced. Why? Because the truth is too unbearable, the mistake that the liberal establishment have done, forcing the muslims on the hapless people of Denmark, is so awfull, that it is almost impossible to realize.

Instead of protecting their own children, the liberal establishment prefer to ostrasize the philosopher who does his job; fighting for truth in the public conversation. But the only way society will continue to work and even survive is if we are true to the calling of Socrates.

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