Seidenfaden and nature

October 18th, 2009

butterflyAll philosophy should be seen in the light of nature. We are just another species on the beautiful planet earth. The aim of the human race is to live in harmony with itself, and with the nature around it. Some work with nature, some against it. And always when you work against nature, you are doomed to live an unhappy live. This is very much the basis of human thought. Going back to classical Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia and perhaps Egypt.

Now let us have a look on the current political trends, and their relation to nature. Let us have a look on the insidious Seidenfaden and his allies. The current strategy of the muslim expansion is babybooming. This might be a conscious strategy, or just the effect of poverty. But the fact is, that most muslim countries are so poor due to mismanagement that babies are everywhere. In fact the greatest threat to humanity, yes in fact to the entire ecosystem, is the babyboom of the muslim countries. These “minorities” are eating the ground bare whereever they are. This is the greatest threat to nature there is and have ever been. The current number of humans on earth are skyrocketing, and the speed of babies coming alive is staggering. It will lead to war, because there are simply not enough ressources to feed and house all the individuals that are emerging everyday.

Now, human beings will suffer. The places they try to go will suffer, as they do already, the immigrants will suffer themselves. And as the amount of people rise, the pain will increase. We can, in the western world repatriate the immigrants that overflow our borders, but they will keep coming, and the tension in their homecountries will rise until it explodes. There is only one solution to the problem, and that is to reduce the number of people on earth. The methods of humanreducing operation are however often so evil that we just cannot do it. So we end in war, and we kill each other the natural way.

There is just one part that is left out of the calculation and that is nature itself. Whereever man expands in huge numbers, nature in its beauty and diversity draws back. It ends up as a slave to the human race. Nature suffers as much as human beings, we just do not notice it. When the birds stop singing, when the butterflies are no more, when the forest are still they suffer. In our egoism we do not care, as long as we fight our wars and feed our children, we do not care about the suffering of other living things.

Well, I might be a little overromantic, I really like nature. But the thing is, with the current number of children brought to the world in the muslim countries, the first victim is nature. And with the excorbiant number of new muslims, nature will not be able to sustain them all. It will lead to an ecocrisis also.

With the support of the darkest trends within Islam, forces that have absolutely no interest in nature, Seidenfaden is really one of the prime antagonists of nature. He is the enemy of the hummingbird, he is the killer of the bees, he is the devourer of all beauty in the world.

So this is actually the fight we are fighting when we try to nip the feathers of the crooked wings of Seidenfaden, we are fighting for beauty, we are fighting not only for our own children, but for all nature. Because if he gets his way, and the islamic speculation in childbirth is not stopped somehow, the conquered will ultimately be the beauty of all things living.

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