Journalists and enlightentment

levebreThe journalists have as a class ostraziced me due to political reasons. Unfortunately there has been a corruption of the danish journalists over the last two or three decades. Statistically a great part of the danish journalists are leftwing or liberal. This is off cause a major problem for the society, that the balance is so bad, but it also is a professional problem for the journalists.

Let me explain.

There is the saying that if you are not a communist as a young person you have no heart, and if you are not a conservative as an old person, you have no brain.

This is all very true with the journalists, they have a lot of heart, but very little brain. Now, they use all their heart on the muslims, whom are very happy to use all the stupid but heartful journalists. Not because they like them, but because they would feel otherwise stupid not to use such a golden opportunity. But behind doors, there is not much respect for the leftwing journalists, they despise them for their treachery of their own people. Nobody likes a traitor.

Really, seen form a ethical point of view, the problem is, that the journalists are caught on a low level of maturity. In nature all is reigned in a balance between love and strife. It goes for trees, hummingbirds, ants and dolphins. This level is where the journalists are on. The combat someone like me, calling me racist, and fascist and all kinds of simple lowswinging words. They try their best to put me in a situation where I am vulnerable to attacks from other leftwings as the socalled “antifascists”. It is all a matter of love and strife. They love the muslims and try to kill me.

This is not a very professional way of making journalism. Because there is such a thing as civilization. The reason why we have civilization, is because we are better that nature. Where nature plans for a strategy that is unwise, we do different. That is why the journalists have a professional ideal called enlightentment. If democracy is supposed to work, the citizens are entilted to objective and true knowledge about the different factors of the society. How can they otherwise vote, if they do not know anything about whom they are voting for or against?

It is actually very important for the public to know that the radical liberals tried to kill me, because that would very well motivate them to vote differently. Now for the leftwing journalists to cover up the foul deeds of their comrades is not very democratic is it? No it is not, it is corrupt, it is not professional and the journalists are betraying the trust that the public and the state have given them. We trust the journalists to enlighten the society, if they do not they fail their mission.

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