Be brave

After the attack on Westminster, one thing is clear. This problem will not be solved by more money, multiculturalism, inclusiveness or dialogue. 

As I have said, numerous times, it is a war, and we are not even fighting it. 

To act on this war, we actually have to WANT to fight it. 

This requires a lot of thought, and a lot of planning, but it has to be done. 

First of all, we need to reroute the migrants away from Europe to safe havens that we have created. But it has to be done effectively, not just haphazardly. 

Secondly, we need to start investing in military to counter the threat. It is not just small, isolated groups, this is organized and it requires a lot of support logistically, morally and spiritually, if you can call killing innocents spiritual. 

This is the demon in action, and we need to prepare, otherwise we are just lambs for the slaughterhouse. That is the truth. 

So, as mr. Trump demands. We need to invest in defense capabilities, to defend our own people and land. 

This should be targeted at the growing threat of Islamic State. So we need to prepare for a guerillawar with an opponent that uses horrorlike tools to cower us. 

We need the spirit of mr. Churchill now. That is a will to fight. We need to use the Anglo-Saxon words, the strong words. We need to fight, on the beaches, in the shopping malls, in front of West Minster, we need to have courage and prepare for the worst. 

Because England is under attack.

G-d bless the will to resist and be infinitely brave.

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