Rebuilding our armed forces

We have to be honest about the build up of islamic state like fighters in Europe. We have had numerous incidents of terror but also findings of weapons caches in mosques.

As Erdogan said; the mosque will be the spearhead and the sword. Well as Hitler, if he says that, he probably means it.

I do not think that Erdogan is a lost cause, but I do think that, with the crisis we have had with him, we should start rebuilding our militaries. Because we may have a lot of humanistic doubt of our courses, but our enemies do not. They are dedicated and fierce.

So instead of using our money on the airforce or navy, we need to invest heavily in the infantry.

They should be grown from the current size to at least ten times more, if not even more. We also need to invest in high tech gear. The drones should be our top priority, but other high tech gear should be invested in. Like small armed vehicles that can enter urban areas and resist small arms as well as RPGs.

Israel has developed a system to go along with our tanks, I think it is called Triumph or something. That will protect our vehicles.

We also need to develop strategies to counter hostage scenarios as in the concert in France.

So, it is time to rebuild our forces, and we need to do it fast.

G-d bless the willingness to build on what we have.

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