The Danish PM

Well, you have the honour of the presence of the Danish PM these days. Thank you Donald. That was nice of you.

He is not much of a positive person in my book. He sacrificed all that was the initial virtues of his party Venstre on the altar of the EU. Venstre was built as a rebellion against the king, and fought, at the outset to give freedom to the farmers.

He has used most of his life to reverse that process by taking the freedom of the Danish citizens and handing it over to a corrupt supranational structure called the EU.

Talk about a turn around, in the wrong direction.

He still fights on with this, but ok, he is the best we have right now, even though that is not much.

But thank you anyway Donald, it is nice of you to invite him. We truly appreciate this gesture here in Denmark.

G-d bless the renewed and strong relationship between Denmark and the US.

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