Be proud!

CAMELOTSo we are nearing the election in the UK. The UK is much more than just the Hebrides, the southern cliffs and the extreme north where they are, honestly, still adherents of Thor and Odin.

It is a complex, advanced, intelligent, worldspanning system, that has conquered the globe, but is reeling from the backlash of the loss of the empire.

This has to stop. My best advice is; be realistic. The UK is still, apart from the ties it holds to Australia and New Zealand, the most powerful, by far, country in Europe. It has a gross domestic output that even rivals countries several times bigger than the UK. It has some of the finest universities in the world. It is still immensely ambitious and has a lot of appetite on the world.

It is still world class, and it should be judged by that meter as everybody else.

There is still the value of freedom, that propels it to rule the wave. Why? Because ruling the wave will give England liberty. Why is that important? Because freedom will give you happiness. The feeling of being unbound by anything, the vast horizon meeting your eye in the morning. The cavaliers of the sea, still roaming, still strong, still ready for a fight.

This is the UK, not what some people seek to instill in the hapless British. This is might and pride of being English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish.

Pride can be vainglorious and instill a false feeling of self worth. But too little pride, can also be harmful.

The UK has to look at itself, and be proud. Not because of evil deeds done, or tyrannical stranglehold on some. But because there is so much to be proud of! All the little inventions, the marvelous literature, the high, high level of civilization. Too little is also a sin.

So be proud of what you are, do not bow your head in the face of danger, fight! As you have always done when the chips were not in your favor, just because, what you have created around the world, is respected and cherished. Look at all your former colonies. Do they shift out your system? No, as when Rome ruled, the former colonies cherished the influence and ideas it had brought to them. Same with the UK.

See that, and be proud again, of what you are, of what you have contributed to the civilization of the world.

Forget about all the naysayers and the belittlers, the broken and cowards. Be proud of what you are, because you have, as much as anyone, and especially because you are you; the right to be so.

G-d bless you all.

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