With_Lawrence_in_ArabiaBeing a fan of mr. Churchill, one would naturally ask oneself, what would he have done in the Middle East today? After all, he supported Lawrence of Arabia, who was one of the founding fathers of Israel, and a staunch supporter of both the arabs and the first zionists.

This seemingly inconsequential point of view could only be supported by someone as Lawrence of Arabia, because he truly understood the Middle East, not like most modern meddlers in the Middle East, who do not truly understand the vast ideas created and spurned in the Middle East, the dynamic, the history and the potential.

Yesterday, I was ablaze with joy for the deal with Iran. Why? Because, to me, as it may have been for mr. Lawrence, he and I see the historic significance of the deal, and how, deep beneath all the posturing and swagger of the Middle Easterners, there is the true perspective of religion in a deep and cognitive sense. Not just another part of X factor, or some stupid conspiracy of some modern equivalent to Hannibal the Cannibal gone crazy in the streets of Mosul.

No, he would recognize the teutonic shifting of the plates of the Middle East, some of the most ardent supporters of spirit, and see, that finally the glow, the light and the bright beam of spirit is again showing itself in the Middle East. Old cogs not used in millennia, are slowly turning again. Doors as old as Abraham and David are opening in a recognition that G-d is again alive, and he is here.

This is the feeling he would have had.

Now, I might be wrong, but what if I am right? What if G-d is again roaming the streets of the old capitals in the Middle East. Seeking redemption in the eyes of the believers?

What if there is a chance for peace, and for man to learn to be in unison with spirit again? What if this is the chance for Israel to realize its Kabalistic providence, and have a go on forging an alliance with all three monotheistic religions, thereby creating a platform for everybody to stand on, if and when man again will search for destruction.

What if this was his feeling and hope, and consequently the motivation behind the deal.

Then all the petty arguments, all the smallish material fears would vaporize, and peace would descend on man.

The Persians believe in good deeds, good actions and good thoughts. Look what happens, when they do that; they prosper, and get richer and further into the respect of man.

Why? Because this is how G-d would wish it to be.

G-d bless you all.

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