Election in the UK

To understand the seismic shifts in the British electorate, that brought us first EDL, and then UKIP and Britain First, you need to understand the needs of the people.

British values have been suppressed and trampled upon for two generations now. It started in the seventies, or rather it started with the 68 ths, and have continued ever since. A watered down socialist utopian thinking have been the ruling dictum of most of European society, with all what it brings with it of decay and misunderstanding. Do not get me wrong, I have nothing against dancers, being male or female (having danced the last 25 years), but I have something against a thorough liberal conspiracy blaming all who stand up for their country as bigots and racists. This is not right, it is too much. The balance has tilted.

This is what the electorate is so damn (sorry), tired off. They have realized, that the freewheeling days are over, and they want some solidity and ground under their feet again.

But they do not want some extremist agenda. They want it to be civilized. So scaling back the liberal ideas, is what they want. That is why they vote conservative. UKIP kind of puts this in a few bullit points. No more immigration, out of the EU and so on. Clear, decisive plans, they want to make, and it is a remedy for the excesses of the liberals.

But the British electorate are not stupid either, they judge the politicians on the qualities of their ideas. A few headlines is not enough for the culture that fostered an empire as large as it has, and has been leading in philosophy for the last two thousand years, if not more, if you count the gallic settlements as intellectually leading.

Anyway. Ideas for Change or for a change of course, should be at one hand, based on serious philosophy, and at the other hand, be seriously, and practically implementable.

There is a trend within Socialist strategy that has hit first Norway, then Denmark, and seems to be hitting the UK now. Basically the liberal politicians do not say anything about what they really want to do when they actually get to power, apart from vague hints on it. The electorate more or less fall asleep, and do not question what the liberals actually want to do. So they get the power, almost by accident, and AFTER that. They seriously abuse their power, doing a lot of amateurish and honestly unethical politicking. In Denmark, we have had almost four years of nightmarish politicking. The teachers were totally mistreated, a large chunk of the social welthfare was cut away, and so on. Haphazard and dishonest from the beginning.

Now, when the election is coming up, liberals start copying the agenda of the DFP, the equivalent to UKIP, in the hope, that they will win.

The Danish electorate is disgusted with the show, and disregard for the political elite takes new leaps infrequently. Honesty and respect for the rules and regulations, are crumbling virtues in a corrupt Parliament. Something we are not used to here in Denmark.

The late prime minister, mr. Anders Fogh, had a cure for that. That might be of some use to the current politicians in the UK. He made some deals, and agreements with the people, and then he simply stuck to it. He called it ”social contract”. This could be an antidote to some the ire and disgust people have with modern politicians, with all respect for the work we obviously do.

Anyway, make a punch, as Angus Young from AC/DC says. You have to make a good punch. Follow it up with some extra jabs and perhaps end it all up with a blow to the chin.

If the liberals are trying not to get into the open, force them. Challenge them, ask them openly what they are going to do with EU, the relationship to the US, to Muslim hatepreachers and so on. We have seen how the Liberals here in Denmark promised, at the election to do something about it. But when they got the job, the first thing they did, was inviting a hatepreacher from Pakistan at the 9/11. Talk about lack of respect for the US.

There should be enough to attack, and as long as we actually do as we say, we could give them a potential knockout. We just have to press our case, get the initiative, and get the ball on the part of the field that is not ours. Attack, not internally in the conservative block, but jabs, feints, make it even a haywire, full contact, blow to the jaw.

Just remember, make it deep. The answers we deliver, should be based on philosophy, thought through and honest.

G-d bless a clean but decisive electorate fight.

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