Bjørn Jernside

Ok, this is the situation in Gaza/Israel in the view of theories of justice and war.

First of all, we need, as Jews, to understand ourselves, to get to a point where we decide what to do.

Who are we? Well being a Dane, it makes it pretty easy to see, and understand. The tribe of Dan, is the tribe that lives here in Denmark. We Jews are originally raiders from the tribe of Dan, Göta and other.

Where does that leave us? It leaves us, with the understand, that to be a Jew is to be a raider, in the sense, that the warrior mentality that we have is essentially, for lack of better words viking.

When we fight, we do it with ferocity, skill and anger.

But, there are understandings of ourselves, that seem to be lost in the time between when we came to the Middle East, and now. First and foremost, we do not truly understand our anger.

We get angry, and we fight. That is how we react, and with the skill that is picked up in the Middle East, we are extremely good at fighting.

But anger is a feeling you have to understand. The deepest root of vikings here in Denmark are the few fishermen who are still roaming the north see. Hard, vicious fighters, who go up against the sea each and every day. Pretty strong men.

They say, that you should LISTEN to your anger, but never get to be controlled by it.

That is true wisdom there, from the deepest source of Denmark.

We should LISTEN to our anger, not be controlled by it.

Now we are so angry with Hamas that we want to destroy them. That is our anger speaking. It serves us well, we fight and survive.

But does it really make sense to loose all our allies going into Rafah? Saudi Arabia, the US, Egypt.

We would be at the risk of true eradication, if we had no allies. Then is that not EXACTLY the aim Hamas is working on?

See the ruse there?

Hamas wants Israel to cease to exist, if Israel goes into Rafah we loose all our allies, and then we are actually at the risk of getting extinguished.

The aim of Hamas is completed.

LISTEN to your anger, but keep a cool head.

Let me tell you another story about our own ways, that is to the core of what it is to be a raider.

There is this funny story about Svend Jernside. Sven Ironside. He wanted to sack Rome, so he sailed to Italy, found this amazing, beautiful city, and got into it by CUNNING. The funny thing was, that the city he thought was Rome actually was a whole other city, not Rome. So for all his cunning, he still failed at seeing the most obvious.

What can we learn from that story. First, we need to use cunning. If we can get Hamas out of Gaza, without loosing more men, that is the most cunning thing to do. It may not be the most honorable, but it will serve us in the long run.

Secondly, we need to see what we are really aiming for. Are we aiming for the eradication of Hamas, or are we aiming for the survival of Israel?

See my point? If we really want to conquer Rome, (in a symbolic sense off cause) we need to think, wisely and check out the situation.

Then there is the viking concept of justice. It is called Retfærd. Straight going, in the opposite of injustice that is crooked going.

My point with that is, we need to think about the straight way to our true aims, and that is, by all means, the survival of Israel and the hostages returned.

If we take the crooked way, which is revenge that begets revenge, that begets revenge, we do not actually get to justice that is the straightway.

The fault of this war were small, but important. We cannot allow one single Jew to be persecuted anywhere. If we do that, we seem weak.

Strenght is unity. Justice is using our heads and getting straight about the true aims of this fight.

G-d bless the will to get to a good solution to this conflict, and eventually end the war in a world that is stable and safe for Jews in Israel.

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