The green desert

Well, it is not so bad, that there are coming good things out of all the chaos we witness these days.

I am really grateful for the extremely positive relationship I have been able to make with the Arabs.

First Abu Dhabi, now Saudi Arabia. This spells very good for the future of the Middle East.

One of things, that I have been working on, is to make the desert green.

I have a really good friend, that is an amazing forester. He is the number one creative inventor when it comes to green Change and raising trees. He has had his own forest for 50 years, and houses the local sun dance, indigenous summer festival every summer. He even had a good relation to Dalai Lama, pretty cool guy. Very reclusive, but just an amazing guy.

He has been thinking a lot about the opportunity to make Green Change in the Arab desert, and we have come pretty far. Things are really starting to shape up. We have a tree gene manipulator on board, and we have some amazing ideas for crops to grow in the desert. It has come from a Fata Morgana and become pretty real. It is evolving all the time, and we are more than thrilled to present our ideas for the Prince Zayed environmental foundation.

Add to this, I am working on an air engine. An engine that run on compressed air. This project has been presented to the Saudis, and maybe we can realize this project. There are still a lot things that has to fall in order, to make it happen. But there is a HUGE potential in working together Denmark and the Arab countries.

This is a result of the whole process of reconciliation, so this is really positive.

I dont know how it spells into the current conflict, but for sure it shows a lot of potential, if we can end this war.

G-d bless the will to find peace again, and start the construction to the good of all of Middle East.

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