The 7´ of October

Ok, this is the time to pop the champagne I guess. I have saved this information for a long time, because I were essentially under a lot of pressure from the secret police here in Denmark, not to share this information and also because I wanted the soldiers to have peace to conduct their operations without having to think about the things that led to the 7´th of October.

But we are so far in the war, and we are already talking about the how’s and the why’s, so I guess we can, just as well start the blame game. I know, that blame games are vicious, but we have to place a responsibility for the 7´of October.

I were the first fault of a chain of events that led to the 7´th of October. I have been the guarantee of the peace between Israel and the Arab countries, a role I still have, and a role that is expanding.

But this is not something, that is really understood in Denmark, and I had a very torturous experience with the cultural ministry, that tore down my little TV station due to political reasons.

Seen from the outside, it seemed as though, that the friendship that I have guaranteed between Arabs and Jews were threatened, and a month after the TV station was shut down, the 7 of October happened. I then fought with all I had to secure unity and stop the bleeding. I succeeded, and I know that we are in a muddy situation, but as soon as this horrible war is over, we can start the reconciliation for real, and make peace.

But, and this really the issue, who were behind the torture, that led to shutting down the TV station, that was the spark of the 7´of October? There is a menagerie of evil, horrible politicians, the civil servants who went away from normal conduct of civil service, and conducted a porgrom of me and my TV station.

The responsible for this were the prime minister Mette Frederiksen, the foreign minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen and the cultural minister Jacob Engel.

You could say, that perhaps they did not know, that the consequence would be a 7 October. But they knew very well, because I BEGGED them to consider the fact that if they shut the tv station it would have horrible consequences for the Middle East. I knew that a weakened peace maker, would mean trouble for Israel and the whole peace process. But with a horrible disregard for human rights, the safety of Jews, they just shut the tv station down.

This was what led to the 7´of October.

So they knew, and they did it anyway.

There is also the role of MOSSAD, who failed to protect me. They KNEW that I there was a danger, but they plowed on not protecting me, prioritizing their relationship to the secret police here in Denmark. If they had protected me, the 7´th of October would not have happened. I got a lot of help from a lot of Jews here in Denmark, some of them with a security background. But MOSSAD as an institution failed miserably. They still are not really protecting me.

So, this is what we need to discuss, from the perspective of what started all of this.

Then there was the defense, that was not ready. MOSSAD had obviously not told them about the impeding danger that they put Israel in, because of their inaction.

So these are some of the issues that we need to relate to.

G-d bless the will to be honest about these issues, and take the necessary actions to make sure it will never happen again. G-d bless the peace we will find again, after this horrible war.

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