Ms Mette Frederiksen, nuclear political green

The European Union is discussing with itself whether ms. Mette Frederiksen will be a good chairman of the council.

I know her, all too well. She shut down my tv station, and she has made a career out of essentially torturing everybody around her to silence.

These stories are not yet out, but they will get out, sooner than later. And you guessed it, some the things she has done are beyond normal things. We are talking on holocaust level actions.

So, this is my advice, be very, very, very careful with her. If her past explodes as she becomes the chairman of the council, things will be very difficult for the Union as such.

She is nuclear, political green.

So, be careful, she can tear down the union as it is, and we dont need that right now.

G-d bless the ability to be vigilant and awake for the dangers against the union.

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