We are finishing the final months of mr. Barrack Obamas presidency.

It was a blast! And I hope, that the world has become a better place. I know we lost the last election, but we did a good job nonetheless. A lot of the policies we launched is adopted by the subsequent conservative government, so they live on.

That must mean we did something right then?

Anyway, there are a lot of difficult problems coming up, that we need to chip into. Do not get depressed, if we just learn from our mistakes, and chug on, we will change everything.

What I am concerned with right now, is border control.

We need to make that, and we need to work on it, from a collaborative perspective.

Border control is really going to change the way the US is working, so we need to be constructive in this process, and try to work with the other side.

First of all, I think we should start thinking about border control from a rational and humane perspective. There is nothing wrong in having borders. What is wrong, is to have borders in order to differ on a racist basis. That was the problem of the borders of South Africa. They were racist borders. Then there is also a problem in having borders to keep people in the country as in Eastern Germany, where you were shot if you tried leaving the country with no visa.

So the question is, as I see it; why are we having borders? And what are we doing with them?

As I understand it, the main problem, right now, is migration crime.

A lot of the migrants that come to the US have no jobs and start stealing. That is off cause a legitimate concern.

A country is a system also. In the US, it is a Republic. If the core values of a Republic, that is the democratic process and law, is beginning to wear down, Houston we have a problem!

The basic problem with not having a border is that the security and protection of the citizens are put in jeopardy. The strong puts down the weak.

This is a core institutional task to remedy. If the law is broken, the Republic falls. That is not a viable option.

So, we need to do something about that. Since they are, honestly, not our problem. Mexico should deal with, since it is their citizens, not ours.

If Mexico is unwilling to take their own citizens back, we could use the Australian method, and send them to a camp where they will do no harm. A harsh solution, but that is where we are right now, unfortunately.

G-d bless the most humane solution is this very difficult situation.

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