Now, what we need right now is a revolution. We have discussed the Marxist revolution, that, honestly did not work. It is simply too shallow a construct. There are lot of good things in it, like public healthcare, but the construction itself is simply not working.

What we need is another revolution. That is the American revolution. The revolution where fierce freedom fighters stood up against tyranny for a fair and just world. The revolution where the humane man was first invented.

This revolution is really the true revolution, but a revolution that needs the blood of the young to go on working. We need to stand and fight for justice.

My point is; as Alinsky said, what really is the core of the Liberal revolution is Democracy.

That road will lead us to victory yet again. Our young people chose that, let us spur them on, let us ask them to join another day, another fight.

Who is the enemy? The enemy is the tyrant. As of now, mr. Trump seems to be accept his responsibility with a certain professional attitude, that is, he works inside the system. That is his right, breaking down the system is what we should be mindful of. He might just be ok after all.

Anyway, we have to find those tyrants, they are everywhere, right now in head chopping terrorists first and foremost. We need to bring the pain to them, as they have been putting fear in us.

We need to brighten up, put up our banner and fight for freedom!

G-d bless the United States of America.

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