It has been a while since the beginning of the American election, and some of the issues that are close to my heart have lacked the attention that it deserves. I am only one solitary Jew, what am I to do?

Anyway, the discussion of spirit has taken a leap in my own head. After reading quite a lot about the Danish physicist Niels Bohr, I realised a couple of things.

First of all, it appears to me to, that the metaphysical community has overlooked a development within physics, that actually plays the ball back to the metaphysicists.

When Niels Bohr started discussing quantum physics, what he really threw out of the door was empirical physicism. That is a debate on the material world that is always founded in evidence.

The reason is simple; on the level of the atoms, we cannot use hard evidence, because the scale is so small.

This brings us back to a classical method, where logic and argumentation based on what we do know is the method of progress.

I mean, Bohr had a lot of points, that he only theorised on, he could not prove them.

People seem to accept mr. Bohr, but they do not accept the metaphysics that uses the same method. That is nonsense.

Then I have also realised that we do not understand much of the world. What we do understand, we have put to good use, like the understanding of light, that has given us the radio, cellphones, x-ray and so on. And the understanding of electricity on par with magnetism, that has given us electric motors.

However, still we only scratch the surface of understanding these things. Take light for instance. Light is according to Bohr a particle – wave. In a strange way, we have tiny particles that behave like waves. Like sound waves.

Nevertheless, they are not embedded in any medium. Like sound waves are embedded in air.

This makes no sense. Light must be embedded in something, a medium we cannot see. Some talk about the ether, to me, it makes sense, we need to relive that discussion of the ether that light travels in. Maybe we just have not understood the way the ether is working?

This leads us on to the discussion of G-d. G-d is very much the same as the ether. That is in a medium we cannot sense. But is still there.

See my point? We still do not understand the way light works, and yet we say that something that is close to the understanding of G-d does not exist.

It does not make sense. It is really just the shortcomings of our own logical faculties that stop us.

As I see it, we need to step up in the religious/metaphysical community, right NOW. I must say. I am a bit disappointed about the fact that not one religious community has stepped forward and is ready to fight for G-d. You need to step up. We need to fight for the existence of G-d, and we move now. This is what religion is about, remember?

Then there is some other thing that strikes me, as lacking in the discussion of the physicists.

Anaxagoras, talks a lot about centrifugal power. He highlights the fact, that centrifugal power is obviously prevalent everywhere in the universe. Just look at our earth. It is round, because of centrifugal power. Our world turns around, and hence matter is pushed from the core to the fringes. This is counterbalanced by the power of gravity, that keeps matter assembled.

Two natural powers are working in unison.

You can see the same phenomenon in the galaxies. That is also held together like at a spinning top. It has a centrifugal power hub, and is held together by gravity, making the beautiful spinning motions.

If physicists had centrifugal power at the center of attention as Anaxagoras, a lot of problems would have been solved already. Like the problem of saving energy. We use a lot of rare metals to make whole cities of batteries. Why not use the power of a centrifugal station? We could make a mill with at core of matter that turned around and thereby preserved energy. Sped up by wind power, slowed down when tapped of energy.

There are also several other things that seem strange to me in physics. One thing that does not make sense is the theory, that neutrons and protons are circling a centre, thereby making an atom a specific atom. Gravity does not work on the smallness of the scale we are talking about. Gravity is a natural power that needs a lot of mass to work.

We have to rethink that level of physics. Somethings are not right in the theories of Bohr. He came a long way, but there must be another way it truly works.

Nonetheless, this is my take of metaphysics, at this point of my theoretical discussion. I believe, that G-d is in an ether that surrounds the earth. It is in a medium we cannot see or sense in any way. We can just conclude it is there.

What we know is, that it is around the earth, we do not know that is anywhere else, so far. Because we have not discovered life anywhere else in the universe.

So the spiritual ether can be either only here on earth, typically surrounding earthlike planets, or everywhere in the universe.

What we need to discuss is; how does it work, and consequently, can we prove it further?

G-d bless the willingness to fight for G-d, come on clerics and other, step up, we have to have a comeback.

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  1. Peter Buch
    November 22nd, 2016 at 09:00 | #1

    Man is so stupid. He, or most of us, accepts the removal of efficient light-bulps to get ones that quickly goes into non-functioning. Man is so stupid, much of mankind would rather forget about practical things like down to earth efficiency and discuss everything else.
    To have (or not to have) gravity you only need one item. That is in an environment without gravity. Or two or three, one thing named the object, one called the environment and finally the scientist.
    Does G-d have gravity? Or the ability to not make the force appear/disappear?

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