Well, it seems to me, that mr. Trump has defied all expectations and is actually making a success of trying to find a balanced team to tackle the problems we face.

Yes, there is mr. Bannon, but at the same time there is a mr. Romney. That is trying to reach balance. Well done mr. Trump.

The demonstrations against mr. Trump is also on the waning. That is good as well. We need to understand, that even though we did not like the fact that mr. Trump won, this is still the way democracy works.

At the good side, we now have defused a situation where a lot of Americans felt that they were not heard. Now they are heard, and we can go on with being a democracy.

If mr. Trump succeeds in finding a balanced way of governing. Things may still be good.

So, instead of fighting mr. Trump, let us make sure, that he is given the opportunity to tackle those problems the nation has.

Do it with tough but humane approach, and democracy will have shown its resilience.

G-d bless the democratic state.

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