The Brexit negotiations is a mess. Mrs. May has not had the best of luck getting a deal that the conservative Brits really like. It has not been easy, since the Bureaucrats of the EU have not been cooperation very much. But at the other hand, Mrs. May has not been the best of negotiators.

I like May very much, we share the same basic ideology, that of a midleaning conservatism, but there is no denying, that the deal that she has made wont fly.

The consessions are too big.

Now, this is, by all means, a pivotal historical moment of Great Britain, and to be honest, it has all the hallmarks of British independence written all over it. It reminds one of Magna Carta and fight with the Roman church.

Brits have very bad experience with the rule from Europe, and this time around it has been the same.

All I can say is: I have been a Brexiteer from the beginning. I supported Mr. Cameron, and I believe he did right in giving the Brits a choice, then I have supported mr. Johnson and his striving.

We are looking at a shift of power in the leading echelons of the Conservative party, it is truly needed. Not only because of the difficulties of Mrs. May, but also because otherwise Tory rule will be given away to hard core socialists.

That again is not a very good idea. Power rests best in the Middle, not on the fringes.

G-d bless the will to solve this enigma.

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