EU and humanism

The European Union claims to hail from the same ideals that I hail from. That is a Humanistic, Democratic worldview. Ok, I am a conservative, so I hold things a religion, family and security higher than most politicians. But at the core we agree.

Then how come that I have been so opposed to the EU?

Well, yesterday I had a dinner with one of my old friends. He is what you would call a city dwelling humanist. In fact he is a leading intellectual when it comes to internet and the discussion on the internet and democracy.

We grew up together at the same university and met each other again as teachers at a business school.

He called me the black sheep of the family, and I retorted by saying that I believe that I am the real deal. After all, my own family founded the humanistic party here in Denmark, and we have been humanists ever since.

Now, this is not to say anything about my good friend, he is very brilliant and a good intellectual.

But it kind of struck me after we separated, that that is really the discussion on the old guard and the new guard.

The development that I have sought is truly avant-garde in my view, but defines me as a black sheep by must mainstream humanists.

Who is right, me or the mainstream?

Well time will show, but if I can humbly point to the devastating effects to the security of the citizens of Europe as a consequence of the European Union as a problem. Well at least we can perhaps agree on that? Or the rising discontent of the identity politics, or the awful way that Mrs. May was treated but the EU bureaucracy, how dare you treat her like that?

Humanism is about seeing things in a humane and true way. If you just seek to impose your way on the world, then you sit in the wrong position.

It is about seeing the people as your ruler, not the other way around.

Serve not rule.

G-d bless the will to do good in this world, and not just think about yourself.

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