Right now it appears to me to, that what it is all about is shelving power to here and there. Listen, this is a mistake. What it should be about, is meeting the needs of the electorate. They do not care about the inner workings of the machinery. They abhor the inner workings of the machinery.

So you need to start your presidency with actually showing the electorate, that you care about them.

So, perhaps you can begin by travelling to one of those poor areas that voted for you. Listen to what they are saying, and start acting on the business thing.

Wealth is about production. At least, that is the idea of Adam Smith, combined with Ayn Rand. Businessmen are often not appreciated by the society, so they are unhappy with the situation and chose somewhere else to use their money.

You know how these people think. To make an economy run, you need to talk to the business society, and appreciate them. Make them feel, that you are their president. That you will look after their needs. Show people, that you are not that interested in the bureaucracy, but interested in them.

You need to be realistic about the bureaucracy. They are not important. You are important, because a president is much more than an administrator. He is the leader of not only the servants of the state, but all Americans.

Just a tip. Some of my ideas about Adam Smith have taken root in the UK, and ms. Theresa May is doing a lot of work with them. Mr. David Cameron used them as well, to a significant effect. So when you speak to ms. May, you could discuss these things together.

And then, you could discuss wall building with mr. Netanyahu.

You are the leader, but they are good friends and family. Help them, and they will help you.

G-d bless this difficult, difficult transition.

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