Barrack it is getting late, and the lamps are shutting down. The last days of your presidency are coming to an end. First of all. I just want to thank you for your interest in me. Only you could have done that. You took me in, when no one wanted me anymore. When I was lying on the floor, crying out for help. You listened. You did that, because we were both in serious trouble, and I suppose we needed each other. Thank you friend, and may all the work we have done help just every American and everybody else on this planet.

The bottom line is this; we did our job brilliantly. Nobody questions that. We stood up for all Americans. Hell, sometimes I even feel more American than Danish.

But, we did it. In this time of actually losing the election for ms. Clinton. It may seem a bit difficult to appreciate. Especially with all the chaos around us. But we did not lose the election, ms. Clinton did. People are not putting their backs to what we did, they liked what we did, but they simply did not have the faith in Clinton to truly do the same as what we did. This is not to scorn ms. Clinton, but just point to the fact, that we as a presidency and a philosopher succeeded.

There is just one problem. The situation is getting out of control. The political animosity is rife, and we need to help Donald Trump in his first decisive days. We agree on this. If we can get him up and running, he can pull this through, I hope.

Then there is legacy. Serious Barrack, the best thing you can do for your own legacy, is to provide me with some better means to continue. Right now, I am not in trouble anymore. The secret police have left me alone, finally, and my economic situation is not that bad anymore. Nevertheless, there is one thing that really hampers my reach; I cannot travel.

To help mr. Trump the best way possible. I need to go to Washington from time to time. One thing is to able to call me in case of an emergency, but another thing is to get to know me, and talk to me. People usually need a personal friendship.

If you want to maintain your legacy, you may want to provide me with some kind of way to travel to the US. Setup an account that makes me able to get to and from the US.

Well, let me say it this way. If you want the country to stop from being destroyed from within, make the best possible situation for me. I am your only hope. I do not say this to be selfappreciating, but simply because that is how it is. I am your guardian, and that is a bit of a responsibility. I will however attempt to meet that responsibility. Due to the seriousness of the situation. I just need to be able to give it my very best shot. This is serious. We need to do whatever it takes.

But thank you friend. It has been a tremendous honour to work with you. I know that I have been difficult, but I hope you understand the difficulty of my situation.

G-d bless you and your beautiful family, may you all succeed.

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