The law

Well, we are really in trouble. Mr. Trump appears to be working on a serious basis of his presidency. One thing, I just really like Mike Pence, he is the one card that truly may swing things around. He is honest, serious and just a good man. He is your best card Donald.

Secondly, the Republic itself is in deep, deep, deep trouble. The reasons are pretty clear; the lack of respect for authority. Here I think mostly about the lack of respect for the law is deeply troubling. Mr. Trump won, hands down. I fought for ms. Clinton. But I have never truly disliked the message of mr. Trump, and Trump himself seems to come around and are willing to work with me, so, in the interest of the Republic, I will be a good partner of his. There is more at stake than just liberal policies. It is the future of our Republic that is at stake.

This is not mr. Trumps fault, he is doing his best, but it is the frustration and conflict within the American constituency that is the problem.

I will give you my best tip. This comes from the best source on Democracy there is. When Athens, the birthplace of Democracy was in trouble, it had this amazing and brilliant thinker. A guy called Isocrates. A democracy in its crisis, as we stand in now was something the Athenians discussed quite a lot. Plato had his views, Aristotle his, and then there was Isocrates. The thing about Isocrates was, that he truly succeeded. His ideas were what led to Alexander the great, and vision of a panhellenic unity was his. He saved Hellas.

Now what did he say about the crisis of Democracy. He said, it is about the law. People do not comply with the law anymore. Plato said that everybody got to free, and was annoying to everybody. Even the animals seemed to get annoying.

This is the one that tool you have to fix things internally. Strengthen the law.

Here you have one good man; mr. Rudy Guiliano. He saved New York, with the proper care, he can dampen feelings in the whole country. Putting up a no nonsense policy towards all who break the law.

This he can do, and only him.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may she prevail in these challenging times.

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