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When you think about the slogan “Make America great again”, you will, after a minute, have to think a little deeper on the slogan that somehow won the election.

Because what does that really mean? It means, that the rural area is not that keen on the current degradation of the Nation. Simple as that. It is hip these days to deconstruct and ridicule our national identity. Not only in the media, but especially in the liberal artistic elite.

For instance, I have a feud going with the local art museum here in Aalborg, because they use our flag as a burka. Not only that, they also put it up as a “white/misogynistic/pigsty sign, using pink (the colour of the skin of the pig) as the color of the flag. That is not cool. At the same time, they adore all that is muslim, to the extent that they have given us the opportunity to see an exhibition by a muslim from Pakistan with a lot of blood, and something about terror. Imagine that.

If that is the vibe of the cultural elite, no wonder people are getting a bit tired of them, who wouldn’t?

Making America great again, or, as in Denmark, making Danes be proud of their country again, is going against this kind of behaviour.

Why on earth are the liberal elites behaving like that? What is it, that really makes them disgrace what is theirs?

There is a long psychological analysis that could be given, but let us just refrain from that, and simply conclude, that the Liberal party that is so obviously unrespectful of our Nations basically deserve the criticism they get.

That does not mean, that all liberals are like that, I am not. Nevertheless, we must acknowledge, that many are.

Making America great again is about reversing this trend, and start taking pride in what it is that we are ourselves. Just because, seriously, it does not make any sense. We have so many things to be proud of. It is truly not the content of our nations that is the problem. The problem is truly all the artist that like defaming our flags.

G-d bless the will to be honest in the face of criticism.

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