Well, it seems to me, that what has happened in the US is a widespread movement, that not only has its roots in the US, but also here in Europe. It is a reawakening of European/American/Russian conservatism.

Coming from Denmark, being conservative is a bit like being an ugly duckling. At least, that is how I am treated in Denmark, you probably know the story of H.C. Andersen. Reviled, but people is in awe because, in reality I am not a duckling, I am a swan.

However, this is not about me, it is about our future, and the future of our children. How will they fare? How will they even have a future?

This question is only answered. If we truly shed all our prejudice, and try to look at things from anew.

What is happening?

What is happening, is change, true change. In fact, I will start with a capital letter Change.

What did Barack really do to us? Well, I have reflected a bit on that the last few days, after mr. Trump was elected. I mean, look at myself. I am a conservative, a liberal conservative, but a conservative. I believe, in my nation, in fact in all nations. I believe in family. I am a devout religious man, and I am loyal to my friends. I have fought for my country, and risked my life for it.

Yet, I have been best friends with Barack Obama.

Think about that for a second. I mean, Pim Fortyun, the Dutch politician who was one of the first to oppose Islam in the Netherlands together with the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered in cold blood for his political stance. That was where i started. I have kept a low profile in all the years that I have been in politics, because I feared for my life. Some of friends were murdered, in the terror attack on the Vilks committee.

Yet, still, I believe that I have been a good friend to mr. Barrack Obama.

If you think about that, it is truly mind boggling. Why would a president of the greatest country on earth be a friend of a radical philosopher from Denmark?

Because mr. Barrack Obama wanted to build bridges. He wanted to be there for black Americans, but he also wanted to be there for white Americans. He was trying to build a bridge.

And I believe we have a shot on success on that bridge building. A lot of the political ideas that I have, that are truly radical conservative are already in place. Like the fight against IS and the rooting for a patriotic American business life. Barrack even went as far as trying to support families in a reach out to local communities.

So, in practise, there is a lot to do for mr. Trump, but there is also a lot he can build on. Everybody agrees on fighting IS everybody agrees on bringing back a patriotic American business life. Everything else in American business is for suckers right? You support your country as a businessman, otherwise you end up a sucker. At least, that is what i have learned here in Denmark. Mærsk still supports Denmark, even though it is highly out of fashion.

In a sense, I believe, that when we get things a bit away, and a bit more in perspective, I believe that we can see, that the Change that Barrack brought us, is what set the stage for a reconciliation.

G-d bless us all, and especially mr. Trump. Dont worry, we will get there, but it will be tough.

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