Ok, we need to come together and solve these urgent problems on a common ideological basis. Otherwise the partisanship will start, and then the gridlock, and then nothing can work.

First of all, what is really the most pressing problem; migration. In Europe, the same problems as in the US are prevalent. Except for the fact that the migrants are muslims, so there are some extra ideological differences between the Mexican migrates that make trouble in the US, and the muslim that make trouble in Europe. But the basic problem of both US and Europe is the same ones; we do not trumpet our own values, and we are much too lenient when it comes to admission to our countries. The problems especially in Europe, where terror is the direct effect of the happy hippie ideology is obvious to anybody, and everybody basically agree that we have to do something about it.

Mr. Trump won, ok? Because he had the balls to address the problems. We need to acknowledge that, and act, also us from the liberal camp to try to find solutions.

He wishes to build his wall, ok he can do that, if he does it in a civilised way, and with an eye to the values that we ALL stand for. That is the Republican values. Democracy, freedom of speech, humanism, the rule of law and freedom.

Making America great again is about identity politics. That is, enforcing the values of the Republic, and make shure everybody speaks English.

There are a few, who wish the US would be hispanic. That is a fault. The US is a Republic, and I believe, that you just have to accept that, or go back to Mexico.

We are required to push a Republican ideology not only in schools, but everywhere; in public offices, in law enforcement, in culture, in sports the valiant troops of democracy should walk again. This time not to bring Democracy to foreign countries, but the citizens of the United States of America. The revolution must start one time again. If you do not accept this revolution, well, then you are not American, and you are not a citizen.

My point is; we need to gather around a common ideology to tackle the migration problem in the US. Something we share, that will make us work together.

We have to realistic about this, we need to be, as mr. Netanyahu; tough. There are a lot of places in the south where Republicans and Mexicans are not in agreement. We should enforce the Republican point of view.

If we find that common ground, then I believe we should allow mr. Trump build that wall. He needs to deliver on his promises, and that is his first and foremost.

G-d bless the United States of American boldness.

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