Well, I have just seen the victory speech of mr. Trump. Let me clear about this, we need healing. I absolutely agree. We need to come together, work together, and get things done.

I admit, that I have supported ms. Clinton most of the time, and I am really sorry, that you did not succeed. We all fought a lot to get you elected, but we live in a democracy, that is how it works.

Together with Obama, I have laid a great many of the strategic lines of the last six years, so mr. Trump inherits some fights, and some good things as well. Like an economy that is thriving, despite a fierce and unfair competition from China. A fight against Islamic State that is moving into Europe, and a relationship to mr. Putin.

I have been quite clear about my belief in the relationship to mr. Putin, I like him, and I believe he is a good guy. I truly hope you two will get along. Maybe it will really lead to peace, and there is no doubt, with the rising problems with China. That would be good.

Anyway, let us all give mr. Trump the benefit of the doubt, and help him as much as we can. It is more than our own feelings of defeat that is at stake, it is truly the will of the people, and the demise of Western power.

In fact, I agree with mr. Trump on most issues, I just hope we can get along, and find solutions that will keep the system working as a true Republic, because that is my responsibility, as a guardian of Democracy, to see it through, and keep it working.

G-d bless you all, and I am sorry Hillary, you fought good, but things were just not flowing your way.

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