Well no one saw that coming. Everybody from the elite was backing Hillary Clinton, and yet she was defeated.

First of all, congratulations mr. Trump. I hope everything will shape up all right, but I do fear what is about to happen.

From Denmark, most of my friends actually supported you, but I did not, because I believe it will weaken the system itself.

However, after all, a vote is a vote, and I hope that it will end up positively.

What happened really? It was a vote for independence of viking voters. We are sick and tired of all the “tolerance” speaks, and wish to empower dominance.

The vikings have been used to rule the world for thousands of years, and are not willing to concede just because the elite think it is a good idea.

That is the bottom line. This also, effectively, means, that multiculturalism is over. The viking part, who still is most populous in many areas of the world has voted no.

How will this have an impact? Well if you see it as a “white” push back to African Americans, Muslims in general and so on. New fronts will open up. That is war.

Mr. Trump may not be the one to wield the instruments of war, but the voters want it done, so if not Trump will do it, they will find someone else. The drums of war are sounding.

This is, in a sense, good news for Europe, because we are facing the same threats, just a little more prescient. The migration into Europe, is now out of control, and the vikings are at a warpath.

War is terrible, but it is also just how human nature works.

Odin, war father is at play.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may we win some kind of peace at the end of this major war we are entering.

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