There is just one day to the election, and that is close. We are finishing an election that is extremely dangerous not only the US, but for the entire world. If US falls as a beacon for Democracy and human rights, the lid has fallen off, and a lot of very nasty ideologies will pop up. Not only in the US, but everywhere in the world. Leading by example has one good thing in it; it is free. Leading by force is costly in all areas imaginable.

Therefor, we need to realise one thing. Whoever wins the election needs to address the charges the rebellic electorate is posing. Not only what they are saying, but also the deeper structures of the problems, which is really where the problems start in the beginning.

What is the problem? The problem is a distance between the needs of the people and the leaders. We, often end up in our own little ivory tower, and the theories we make are not really connected to the challenges people feel.

An example; we carry on discussing the gender inequality, while people can’t make a living. I mean, what is really important, that you can eat, or you have equality between the genders?

The first is important. It is a bit like Marie Antionette saying; why don’t they eat cakes when they can’t eat bread?

Therefor what we need to do, after the election, is start listening. Not just a little, but truly listen to what the electorate, and then find solutions that meet their demands. We need to meet them with a clean slate. Shed all the discussions we know, and try and understand what they are saying. We should stop putting their claims into prejudiced casts, and just find a solution to their trouble, based on a sound democratic/humanistic base.

Otherwise we end up in a revolution, and after the revolution they will say; they asked us to eat cakes when we had no bread.

G-d bless the Democratic Constitution of the United States of America.

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