Now my good friend mr. Barrack Obama is right on one point. This election is truly a test of American Democracy. Will it fall? It might just fall, if mr. Trump is elected and he really does all the things he threatens to do. Here I am not talking about the wall and so on, but on all the things he will do with the system itself.

It is, I am sorry Donald, I know you do not see it that way, but you are a reflection of the problems American democracy is in. But it is a problem, that the electorate is so desperate it will elect a man that threatens to tear the whole thing down.

This is why I think it is of vital importance that we in the Democratic camp really understand what the rebel voices are saying, and meet them halfway, get over the crisis that the American democracy is in.

We can only do it, if we solve some of the problems they are facing. Like unemployment, national self-assurance, migration and so on.

We should be quite clear about the challenges we meet. If we do not meet the desperate Republican voters halfway, they will tear the entire union apart. It is like that.

So, this is really one of those desperate times, but fortunately, we know what is at stake, and we can do a turn around. Be proud of what American Democracy is, and be humane.

We can do it, it is one of those trying times, but if we are able to get over this crisis, the foundation will be that much stronger.

We need to hear what they are saying, and meet them halfway, after the election.

G-d bless the American Democratic Constitution.

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