__the_allegory_of_the_cave_by_xineizIn the current climate of opression when it comes to the truth of some of the atrocitites that is happening in Europe, one needs a strategy to try to counter the gag there is in effect on all who dare to critisize the problems of Rotherham and the like.

At the end of the day, it is about following your conscience in a very difficult environment of harrasment, ridicule and outright persecution by the society at large and the civilservices in particular. The persecution is often manical and ridiculous, otherwise sober and serious persons become like children and forfeit all manners and civility. Why is it so?

Plato has this explanation that I took to heart at the beginning of my career as a philosopher. In his famous allegory of the cave he explains the relationship between man and light (truth), like this.

Man sits at the end of a cave, he are tied to the wall with strings, making sure, that they are only able to look into the end of the cavewall. Behind them is a small wall, and behind the wall is a small bonfire where machinators walk to and fro with cardboards of different shapes. The shapes casts shadows at the cavewall, so that man will see the light of the bonfire manipulated with the shapes of the machinators. Behind the bonfire and the machinators is a long tunnel, and at the end of the tunnel is an opening. Outside is the sun, and here roams the philosophers. The task of the philosopher is to bring the light into the tunnel, past the machinators, and show it to man. But, even though one would think that man would be happy for the light, after all, it is quite a work for the philosopher to get the light all the way down to man, strangely enough, man is not happy. As soon as man is projected to real truth and light, he will start trashing and try to hit the philosopher.

If we look at this allegory, we can perhaps understand what is happening in Europe right now. There are many machinators, propagandists, people who want to control man and keep man in place. Strangely enough man likes this, and is happily seduced by this and that figuremaker. Take the idea of islamophobia. This is a lie, there is no sickness in fearing Islam, in fact this is good to do, this will make you alert when it comes to understanding the dark side of Islam. But many machinators use this diagnosis on man, to make him shut up. Man is happy to remain tied to that lie, because it is an easy fix.

The job of the philosopher in this regard is to try and shed light on the matter. Islam has its bad and good sides. There is a lot of good to Islam as there is some pretty awful things done in the name of G-d. We should recognice the peaceful muslims and reject the destructive muslims.

In the beginning I suppose I followed the example of Plato, and got the expected result. But there is a middle way, that I have realized after some time. In the Christian religion, most good Christians follow the Example of Jesus Christ. Who was he? He was a Jew, but there is a deeper version of the example of Jesus Christ. Many see him and his mother as a reflection of the Egyptian G-d and G-ddes Osiris and Isis. Isis is mother Mary, Jesus Christ is Osiris. It is said about Osiris, that he, as the G-d of the moon is the salvation of mankind, because the truth he casts is like the moon, gentle, beautiful, and seeable by man.

Perhaps in this maxim is there salvation. Use the light of the moon, to gently give people insight into truth. Give them time to get used to the fact, that there is not only one kind of muslims, or two kinds, or three hundred kinds, there are as many as there are muslims. Some of them do terrible things, this is a crime to humanity, some are just normal nice citizens. We have to be the strong judge in this, because we have the power and responsability to stop the evil ones and help the good ones.

G-d bless the wise and the humble.

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