We are now entering another phase in the war, we have realized, that halfhearted allies are worse than enemies. A lot of the propaganda that is initiated and produced by the IS fighters bear a distinct European touch. It is professional, it is modern, and it could only be made with modern computer tools, not something you would traditionally understand jihadis to understand and even less use professionally. Yet they do.

The coalition cannot target IS fighters in another coalition country, because this would be absurd. It can only put pressure on the coalition country to make sure that the IS fighters are stopped and dealt with.

Obviously this is not the case in Denmark, we still hear about former IS fighters who run about given psychological help and all kinds of stupid support.

If you want to fight IS you need to target the fighters and the organization that supports them. A hundred fighters are equal to a lot of mosques, families, support organizations and so on. You have to target the entire system to stop the fighters from flowing to Iraq.

On top of this, it is not in the best interest of the coalition, that intellectuals who are prodemocratic and anticaliphatists are rutinely ridiculed and held under twenty four seven suspicion. On the contrary this approach will help IS.

Now, I believe we have made a coalition we can be proud of, thanks to the wise president mr. Barack Obama, and he will be a hero of ours, not only now, but also in the story books. You could say, with a peace agreement with Iran, he would have concluded his foreign campaign with skill. A mixed dimplomatic/agressive stance with new strategic ideas and processes. Thank you Barack.

G-d bless the wise and the strong.

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