It fills my heart with joy, when I read about the kids going to school in the south of Israel. In my own school where I work, the atrocities and the fear is far away, so it is difficult to imagine living under constant threat and running for your life all the time.

Making plans and develop strategies to make peace is a lonely thing, you sit at your desk, and try to think up ways to help Israel, but it is a distant project in a way. But when young kids are going to school and the kibbutzes are teeming with life, in a way this seems real to me. Perhaps because schools are schools, wherever they are.

When you fight for peace, and not to subdue anyone, the victory you get is so much of a relief, because there is less soulsearching in regards to your motive. Fighting for peace is always an honourable task. This brings joy!

G-d bless Israel, and may it prosper beyond the ceasefire.

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