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In all the wars the US has officially participated in, and there have been many, seldom has the very core of the US been invested. In the second world war, Americans went over to Europe, got killed on the beaches, and, honestly, did not really know what was the cause of the conflict. In the end, when the Treblinkas and the Birkenaus were opened, and the atrocities and inhumanity of the third Reich was exposed, well I believe Americans realized that the evil that was rooted out, was worth all the sacrifices.

All the propaganda that the Soviet Union spread in Europe still lingers here im Denmark as a bad omen from times before. So as a dane, saying that I really love American values and the American system will make me suspicious. After all, they have a bad reputation, Guantanamo, George Bush and so on.

But they are wrong, because they do not know what they are truly talking about. They have no ideas about the humanistic virtues of America, the birth as a system inspired by french revolutionary thinkers, their faith in democracy, their belief in the individual, their trust in justice, their gruesome fight to the top of that shining hill. But I know, because I do read books, and though you may call me a nerd, and a bookworm, I still believe that knowledge is the basis of choices in your life. I care to disagree.

So after all these years of trouble, war after war, each one being conclusive, where are we? We are so much more alive than all our enemies; the Nazis, the Communists, now the new enemy – the Islamist. Why? Because the survival of a system rests on its quality. A system of low quality will soon fall, a good quality system will last. As the hellenic systems we still are inspired by. Plato said he was writing for eternity, and he did, because of the quality of his writing. Or Jesus Christ, or Moses or Mohammad. All did they have something of quality to present to the world. Otherwise it would have disappeared.

Knowing this might serve as a feeling of destiny. You are not just fighting for yourself in this conflict with the caliphatists, you are fighting as servicemen in a long line of fine and good men. Giving their lives for an ideal, for a better world. If you lose your live, it should be given to something good. If men have given their lives before, for this dream that America truly is, then why cant we?

G-d bless the faith in the constitution of the United States of America.

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