Change in Europe

Change is a discipline that is essentially positive. My predecessor Alinskys wanted to make a world where minorities were protected, because that was the problem in his time.

You can discuss whether this was just manipulation and so on, but I believe, that Alinskys tried his best.

When I took over in the Obama era, I realized, that we needed to be a bit more nuanced in several points, one of them Islam, but I still truly believe, that we should be careful with our minorities like Jews, gays and other parts of the society that is in danger.

I also believe, that women who are met with new dangers, especially the sharp end of migrant attacks, as we saw in Cologne a few years back.

So to me, the values are the same, but the reality has changed, so we need to Change with it.

What I like about Ms. Clinton, when she is in her best shape, is her very good heart. There are many who dislike her for this and that reason, but essentially she has a warm heart for children and families.

This is something I believe we can use in Europe as well.

The caring for families and children.

As I see it, we should always see things from the point of the view of children. How do they fare in the world, is the village safe and sound?

So with Change you get a positive outlook, and also an outlook that does not put focus on money.

I do not have much money, and I do not need much money. I write here for free, and so I am uncorrupted.

THAT is what we need in Europe now, that focus on what is truly good for the citizens of Europe.

Put ourselves below and not above. See the needs of needy, and care for those suffering families hit by unemployment or sickness.

Each happy child is one point won in the political process.

G-d bless the will to do good in a savage world.

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