Congratulation Italy

Congratulations Italy, with the new government. This is the first time, that a country has had a true philosophical Change since the movement began in Europe. So it will be very interesting to see how we fare, may spirit be with us.

First of all, you have a mountain to climb, and you need common alliance on this point. The remigration.

To be honest, this will be difficult. Not the least because of the logistical problems, but also because the old liberal powers will try to resist.

But, that is the main task, KEEP Rome free from barbarians.

We have tried the nice way already and that works in some countries, in countries like Morocco and Somalia, but we need cooperation from some countries who refuse to take back their citizens although they have no business in Europe and Italy.

You have a powerful army, that will have to be used if necessary.

Make bridgeheads in the countries that refuse to take back their citizens, and send them back.

But be careful to do it in a way, that is as humane as possible.

G-d bless the will to tackle this problem with both force and discipline.

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