There is a deep betrayal of the northern man in Northern Europe, as the Nation has a comeback, the acts of the liberals, who are, by American standards, way off, are obvious.

It is not that I do not support Liberals, I do, and I have done so in America, because the balance between freedom and law is tilted in the other direction there. Not in all points, but most. Add to this the illustrious Barack Obama, who really did fight for his life and the black man, you have another situation.

In Europe the problem is not racism, it is an uncontrolled immigration of the wrong people. People who steal, rape and try to destroy the society from within. You do not deal with this people with dialogue and friendship, they are not able to accept the outstretched hand, you have to give them justice.

Now, Russia is going in the right direction. The Nation is under reconstruction, but the path to redemption is long. There are many steps to take before the once proud men of Rus is again in prime condition. I do not say this to be a man of no respect, but to use this insight to motivate ourselves to make a difference, and remake Russia in a much more strong position.

Now, there are many good signs however. Mr. Putin is in the right mindset, and Mr. Medvedev is an amazing and insightful man. I personally like both of them.

Now Russia is destroyed from the inside out. The structures that used to hold together the country are not well working. So in order to make a machine function, you need to assemble the smallest bits first.

The smallest bit in a society is, According to Aristotle; the family. This is one of the reasons I have tried to focus on that institution, because, according to theory, it is the basic building block.

Then there are many other things, but if too many families are divorced, too many children are not cared for in the sense of human contact and attention, if the elderly are lonely. As a result the society will break down. This task of rebuilding falls, traditionally to the church.

Now, there are huge problems with Scandinavia, the rape storms have perhaps started here before the came to Egypt and India, there are problems of criminality in an extremely alarming rate.

The said countries are not able to change course themselves, so we need some external pressure.

This is why I need the rest of the international community to hear about the atrocities and the open violations of the rights of the citizens. As free speech, protection under the law and the right to assembly.

The reason why I tell you all about my own misgivings is to try to alter the course of Scandinavia, foreign attention is a tool that worked in South Africa and the Apartheid regime, it could work here as well. As in India with Mahatma Ghandi. International attention the humans rights issues are often a good tool.

G-d bless the free and the bold.

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