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What are we up against in Europe when it comes to the immigration problems? First of all, we have both heavy problems with immigrants when it comes to social as well as political issues. The social issues are pretty clear, somehow the wisdom of the European politicians have been a strict focus on immigration of persons with very little skill. This has created a class below the lower class, a lower lower class of immigrants. With this follow both the criminality we are used to with lower class with little future and a serious strain on the wealthfare states.

Add to this a virulent political estrangement of the immigrants. They do not chose the host countries values as democracy and free speech, but a corrupted version of Islam propagated primarily by The Muslim Brotherhood.

Now, what do we do about that. It is very vital, that we as responsible states are able to discern between social problems and political problems. The social problems should be dealt with with social means; education and in the case of crime with the law. The political problem is a whole other story. This we cannot just deal with with the normal tools. Basically the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the states cold war style, so all our state institutions are prone to lean pro Muslim Brotherhood. It has become so succesful, that MB has put up its new headquarters not in Turkey or Pakistan, bot in london.

This threat needs to be addressed both in terms of a serious fight on the ground and in cyberspace with the brothers, but also in our own institutions.

I have entertained the hapless audience about my own misgivings with the Danish institutions, and this is not a coincidence. The Danish institutions are very much in coordination with MB, and should therefore be addressed as a collaborator of the MB.

How do we do that?

Well, again here we discern between the states where there is a drift away from the MB encroachment, and the states where the drift is with MB. The first category is England, France, Germany and perhaps southern European countries, the latter category is Sweden, Norway and perhaps Denmark, we will see.

For the first category we will motivate and give tools to stop the infiltration. The latter category has to be attacked physically.

Therefor there should be two separate modes of preparations. The first should be a controlled implementation of a cleaning of the states, so that all MB personnel is found a extricated. It would not be difficult if we really want to do that.

The second has to be attacked physically. The military installations are pretty weak in both Sweden and Norway, so it would be pretty easy to fight it down and purge the MBs in the country. Denmark is a little different, it is still quite forceful, and it is hanging in a balance, and we do not know whether they will tip this or that way. But we should prepare for an assault anyway.

The assault should primarily be done by Russia with the tacit support of the other Western countries. If this is not done, we will, in ten years time, have a very forceful set of countries that will be absolutely in the grasp of the MB. That we cannot accept. Russia will have the most to gain from an occupation of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, vast natural resources and a clear way out of the Ostsee.

So, this is the plan for now. We will see how Scandinavia acts, perhaps it is not too late. But as in the case of Iran, we should not be naïf. They will not change their course unless there is a certain amount of pressure. We did it with Iran, and have almost made a positive and diplomatic ending, we can do it with Scandinavia as well.

G-d bless the free and the bold.

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