We are focusing on a tradewar with China, we had very limited sucess with flounting our military capability in and around China. Their superior hacker geeks simply hacked our ships and showed us, that cyberwar is a field where we are lacking capability.

Ok, we can still enlist the geeks of Israel, if everything goes haywire, but that would be really embarrasing.

So, we are looking at scooping up the lack of progress we have been hit with, and that means one single item of focus; AI.

That is the name of the game, we need to use all the resources we have, and focus on that.

Then there is the tradewar.

Look, this will end up in a hot war whether we like it or not. A trade war is fine in the sense, that it gives us a bit of a better economy. But at the end of the line, what is really important, is not the harm we can inflict on our enemy, but the ability we have to produce ourselves.

Off cause, we should take advantage of the tools and tricks that will hurt the Chinese economy, but the true test is our ability to arm ourselves in the field of production.

The Chinese think, that their lead in communication abilities are enough to sustain a vicious blow to our arms, that is a folly. We can bomb their production capabilities anytime. They have foolheartedle placed it all in a few locations.

That is all it takes to bring them down.

So, instead of talking about tradewar, just focus on making motivations to ensure that American business makes things in the US. You can make a taxexcempt plan, you can shower honor on them, you can talk to them and so on.

Just make sure it is in everyones understanding, that three proud words should be stamped on all goods in the US; MADE IN AMERICA.

Then we can outcompete them.

So, focus on AI, reduce their lead in hacking and bomb their production facilities, that would finish them off, more or less.

And then, get the production back in house, no more outsourcing in chief.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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