I have lost control over world affairs. What I write is listened to, but as Mr. Trump has accessed the White house, my ideas are not the ones, that steer the development.

This does not mean, that I am out of the game, but it means, that I am much less powerful.

But that is ok. The reason why I started this world changing thing, was because I wanted to save the West in particular and the world in general.

That has happened, the general trajectory is pretty much on par with what I and Barack Envisioned. That is a rebounding of the West, renewed faith in Democracy, the family, freedom and the country.

We have a clear feeling about our enemies, and we are preparing the enivitable conflict with China.

Russia is a bit of a problem, we should not fight them, and hopefully we will not. But that is a problem we have to turn around.

In essence we suceeded, Barack and I. I know there is a lot of partisanship, and bad blood flowing between the Republicans and the Democrats. Ok, that is fair enough, and I suppose that great achievements are not celebrated in their time, but in the hindsight of history.

So, I cannot control anything anymore, and nor do I wish to. But my beautiful soul has been a key part of international development.

There are still fights to come, and I will be there as a strategist and a planner. There is still the fight to realise the existence of G-d which is not as big a challenge as saving the world, but a huge task nontheless.

So, thank you for listening for so many years, and let us hope, that our legacy is rightfully put where it belongs.

G-d bless the will to be honest about these things.

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