Civil rights movement

To win, you need to enter a battle where you are strong. In the economical battlefield, you are not strong. This is due to many factors, mainly that a social democratic/Keynesian investment politics does not work in a globalized economy. Investment in infrastructure will not give you any permanent job creation, because the true production of goods are not done in the country, but outside the country. So the long-term objective of Keynesian economics; to boost production is not working anymore.

This is one of the reasons I proposed a Adam Smithian/ethical economic plan. Problem is just, that it is so new, that nobody knows about it yet. It still is the right remedy to the current crisis, but the intellectual spheres has to understand the ideas behind it to support it. Since I am virtually unknown in academic circles, no one have the insight into the principles of the policy, and keep on discussing Keynesian economics.

So, you need to open a new front. This is why i proposed the Civil rights front. What would that give you? First of all, it would give you a platform where you are the strong. Behind the economical discussion lies an identity discussion. Do americans identify with the basis; the constitution, the law, the principles of American democracy or do they identify with their race.

The reason you were elected in the first round, was because the Americans, especially the left wanted someone who could fight for the democratic principles. This is what the “race” discussion is about. It is not about name-calling, and finger-pointing, it is about the unity of America of the division. The americans see you as a potential uniter. Because you are neither black nor white, you are something in between, someone all can identify with. Add to this your work in the civil rights movement, and the church, you are just the right person to unite the Americans in a time of danger.

But to do this, you have to have a plan how to do it. How would you want people to identify with the American values as put forth by Washington and the founding fathers?

You do it by making an educational plan, and a cultural plan. You know Louis Armstrong sang about it, you can sing about it. You did that, people loved it, because they know that the song you sing is the same as Louis Armstrong. The Civil rights movement organizations are good to discuss it with, they have ideas you can use.

In other words, you can, by inventing a true strategy to strengthen the American values (the values of the West), win over hearts and minds. Remember the success with the reach out to the people? It worked.

Now this will go hand in hand with your foreign policy, because the values you project in the wars we have conducted are the same. Basically this is the change Alinsky is talking about; democratic change. Not only in America, but also in the rest of the world. Those dreams of light and love are not only possible to give to world, but also to the proud democratic citizens of America.

G-d bless peace and joy where democracy reigns

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