Climate change and unity

Well apart from tackling Covid 19, we also need to have more positive things to do.

One of the things that I have been working on here in Denmark, and that seems to be a sincerely positive, but VERY difficult process is climate change.

After doing several interviews with farmers, and having the discussion with rev. Mountford of Oxford University, it seems to me, that at least some of the difficulties concerning climate change is to be discussed.

Let us have a look at it.

First of all, the THEORETICAL basis is pretty clear. We are fighting for a better more sustainable world, where WE as humans both understand and are part of the world in a positive manner.

Nature is according to the romantic view of both Göethe, Alexander von Humbolt and classical thinkers as Empedochles a place of wonder.

But we have to be honest about this development, we are working with neoplatonic ideas that is conveyed through Göethe.

So we HAVE to admit to ourselves, that these ideas are in essence stupidly romantic.

Now, don’t get me wrong being stupidly romantic may not be such a bad idea sometimes, but the fact of the matter is, that we cannot rely only on romanticism to reach our goals of closer contact with nature.

We also have to work in the REAL world, and as we all know, the real world is a VERY messy place.

In other words, if we walk around in the woods hugging trees, maybe we are a bit more happy, but maybe the woodsman that tend to the wood is not so happy about us running around in his wood.

So in order to turn our romantic ideals into something worthwhile and lasting, we need to turn our eyes to the vast process of REALLY changing our environment into something beautiful.

This process is really the difficult part. Because here we are met with the true reality.

What is that? That is the fact, that mechanics, academics and church organizers do not necessarily understand the world of the farmers.

Where many people of the city are romantic about nature and the country side, the fact of the matter is, that in the real world being a farmer is business.

It is these two very different worldviews, that we need to fuse somehow, and that can only be done in one way; dialogue.

Forcing the farmers to do anything is massively counterproductive, we have just had an example of that in Denmark, where the state decided to expropriate a part of the farming community. Just eradicating a whole part of the country world.

It has cost massively in terms of human as well as animal pain. People have to leave their homes and the farmers are going totally nuts.

It feels like a very, very, very heavy-handed way of doing things.

While as dialogue and understanding has been totally absent in the process.

So breaching the gap between country and city is extremely difficult.

But trying to unite the country is what this is about, and the countryside should ALSO have a voice in the matter.

So, heavy-handed control is not the answer when it comes to developing sustainable ways of working with nature, dialogue is the true and only way.

A practical way of starting working on this process is to make a committee that tries for an honest dialogue with some of the leading lights of both camps. And don’t forget, that the true experts are rarely the ones that claims they are the true experts, the true experts sit in experimental farms in secluded areas with new ideas. At least this is the way it is in Denmark.

So, please let us not be heavy handed in this process of climate change, but try to close the gap between Americans, and unite.

G-d bless the will to be strong in opinion and honest on approach.

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