Peace in the Middle East

It seems to me, that we have come a long way in the Middle East, there is a peace of some sort.

We have almost peace between Jews and the Arabs, and this peace is legendary in itself. Of cause, the close kinship between Arabs and Jews, we actually look very much like each other and share the same both ethnic as well and religious roots, do help.

Israel is slowly becoming a natural part of the Middle East. Old cousins returning from years and years of diaspora.

This is truly peace, as I promised.

In the rest of the world however there is still conflict, and we have to talk about this as well as work on ways to stop them.

Sometimes you need to fight to make peace, and there are conflicts we need to address.

I do hope however, that the new Biden administration, recognises the path to peace that is finally materialised under Trump but was started with mr. Barack Obama.

Peace is something that creeps up on you, and is there almost by coincidence, but at the end of the day. Let us remember Lawrence of Arabia, the first zionist, or one of the first brits to put his mark truly in the Middle East.

Through his immense Oxford learning, his understanding of the Middle East has transformed it in his visage. The pen is stronger than the sword, and let us rejoice in the fact, that this time, the pen won, through the vast understanding of Lawrence of Arabia, the renowned Oxford scholar.

Let his memory be a star to follow.

G-d bless the peace we have found.

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