Egypt has a chance to reach a positive momentum when it comes to democracy. Democracy is simply to be free, but not only be free, also to be respectful of each individual person and citizen of society.

There are many trends, traditionally in Egypt. But one of the trends were what we today call being “humanistic”. This comes from an Egyptian temple. The ideas were coined before the merger of Hellenistic thought and traditional Egyptian thought. It can be found in texts we call “hermetic” text we have here in the West.

One thing is order, another thing is the human being. Both things must be respected if a true and peaceful society is to be built.

It translates into war and diplomacy, some enemies, the ones who refuse to talk to you, you are sometimes forced to fight in your own defense. But if there is a chance for diplomacy, this path should always be tried first.

Take the Muslim Brotherhood, they are not willing to talk, so you are forced to fight. But other people you might have a conflict with, they may be willing to talk, so we should meet them there.

G-d bless the will to compromise.

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