We need to move on the peace process of Israel. I have realized, that I cannot leave it to the Americans to forge a solution in Israel. With all due respect to Kerry and Barack, they simply do not have the same connections as I have. Strange as it is. The rebirth of religion in Israel, is my project, and I have to take responsibility.

Now, If you all want to participate in my ideas about a shared religious center in Israel, please send me a green flag, through Facebook or the like. Here I think about my personal friends; the Saudis, the Catholic, the Shias, the Jews and the Russian Orthodox.

If all wish to proceed, and I mean it should be all, to ensure the right balance, we could hold initiative meetings.

How and where, would be up for discussion.

It is an idea, and if we reach a solution, hopefully all our shared beliefs, and the work of G-d will flourish.

G-d bless all the three monotheistic religions.

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