A new beginning

When we look at European culture and thought. There is one instance, or rather one theoretical turn in our development, that has left us both enriched and impoverished. The French Revolution was a move from feudalism and religion to enlightenment and democracy.

Today nobody will really doubt the positive fruits of this move, I mean, who would doubt that the freedom we have won, and the constitutional rights we all enjoy is a good thing?

But the real break with religion and feudalism has been clouded with the consecutive development of Marxism, a creed close to the enlightenment philosophy, but yet in many ways less bright when it comes to the belief in absolute truth. The focus on economy clouded the judgment of the consecutive theoretical development.

So harking back to the initiate break with feudalism, will actually imbue us with the ability to move forward in a new phase and not lose the good things of the French Revolution.

Now, the main philosopher of that time is not Rousseau or Voltaire. Both monuments to human thought and ingenuity, but not the REAL basic block builder of the revolution. It was a gentleman called Condorcet.

Condorcet was one of those rare thinkers, who were able to truly span different sciences. He started as a mathematician, but developed into a political theoretician.

He really knew his sources, and talks about Pythagoras and Democritus.

His job was to enrich us with the idea, that we can move forward as a species if we truly focus on the scientific truth.

He basically inspired the enormous breakthrough of industrialization and the faith we have in science today.

He was the soul of the enlightenment age.

Now, Condorcet was a man of his age. And his project was to break away from religion and feudalism. Two entities that, at that stage of the human development, did not encourage progress and development, but tried to hinder human progress.

His weapon was truth and rationality. He broke the feudal world and religion by simply pointing out, that a lot of the things they tried to teach us was superstition.

Still the Catholic Church has not really regained its former momentum, after Condorcet. Well, until now, I hope.

Condorcet did not really understand religion, he only wished to get rid of it, and, as I see it, he dealt a blow to a potential positive power in our world, getting rid of all of it, and not just trying to get it to work.

Condorcet had his reasons, and in his time, probably there was not a real alternative. But today, things have changed dramatically.

The Catholic Church has changed for a new dawn, and democracy as  an institution and faith is threatened with the lack of loyalty to the basic creed of light and truth it needs to function. Superstition has regained a foothold in our world, and we are unable to fight it, because we have grown too laid back and lax.

This is where we can initiate a new paradigm of both political and metaphysical thought. The democratic ideas are not in opposition to religion anymore, on the contrary, democracy needs a reformed church, and in other places synagogue or mosque.

In Europe, we need to reach over the bridge and make a long sought peace between religion and democracy. But we need to do this in a way, that we do not lose the qualities of any of the two institutions.

Therefore we need to take the best of each. In democracy the belief in light, free speech and truth, and in metaphysics the belief in love and the existence of G-d.

This will force the religions to take their own medicine, in a way.

We talk about the fighters of light, or the redemption of Christ that is truth.

Now, if democracy has refound this truth and method, why not the religions?

We simply need to be as scientific in our work with metaphysics and the faith in virtue. Really take the ardous scrutiny and elaborate methodology and use it in our work with G-d. We should look for proofs and definitions. We should be working with empirical material and the use of extended processes used in science in our work.

In this way, we can embrace the modern sciences and be taken seriously again as metaphysicians, and religion can again be a part of normal accepted life.

G-d is alive. I have proofed it methodically, logically and with this we are on par with science in general.

G-d bless the light and the truth.

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