Ok, the eastern front of the American influence is in trouble. The first and foremost of these troubles is the lack of cohesion within NATO.

It goes all the way back to the Cartoon crisis and the obvious conflict between the Islamic world and the West.

It was fueled by the demonstration of Rasmus Paludan who, for the 300 time burned the wholiest book of the Muslims.

Again he is definitely not my invention, and I see the way he provokes as an attempt to make the conflicts deeper.

We have to settle on some kind of compromise, otherwise there will never be a NATO including Turkey, so here is my proposal.

We respect the sacrosanct nature of the holiest book of the Muslims. But we still do fight terrorism.

Terrorism defined as open attempts at destroying the public peace. Like bombings, violence with a religious motive and so on.

We try to confine to attempt at curbing terroism to parts of the Muslim world that is openly hostile to the West as Al Qeada, Islamic State and other radical Muslim organizations.

In this way, there is an attempt at a compromise.

If Turkey has other items it sees as important as protected for muslims, put these items forth, and we will have a debate.

G-d bless the will to find a compromise, and ultimately find peace.

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