Rasmus Paludan

Well, there seems to be a choice the liberals have to do in regard to Islam. Are we going to pander them, or are we going to find a civil and progressive way to counter them.

9/11 is a long way back, and people have moved on.

But, we have to be careful. I get it, Rasmus Paludan is mess. I ABSOLUTELY agree. I don’t like him, he is uncivil, and in all ways, it is just a mess.

To me, he is exactly what we are not supposed to be, and I will just let the Turks now, he was NOT my invention. On contrary I have been a part of the Islam critics who have been most adamant in opposing him.

He is terrible.

I believe in slow progress, and defined goals. I believe in listening and fighting civil.

I also believe in finding peace with my adversaries.

He is all that is opposite of this.

So please, I understand, that he is a nuisance, and I absolutely agree.

We should progress civil, with small steps and maybe even find peace.

That said, I still believe in fighting. I fight, but I do it not on all Muslims, but on islamists.

G-d bless the will to be honest in approach and civil in fighting.

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